Mrs. Radcliffe’s Reads  Guest Post


Guest Post topic: 7 Things You Learned by Writing Praefatio



I learned a LOT while reading PRAEFATIO!

1. Your first idea is not always your best idea. Let ideas percolate and settle before jumping in to write them. This can save you a LOT of rewriting in the long-term.
2. Lots of people believe in angels or demons or some kind, but do not necessarily believe in God. 
3. You can write a character you hate and still love his or her’scontribution to the story. 
4. Get a second opinion or two on your work before sending it out.
5. Even though a trope has been done thousands of times, there is always an opportunity to learn something new and add your own flare to it.
6. It’s OK to write a book out of order. I wrote the first chapter last. 
7. RESEARCH is key and sometimes, Google will not be enough. For an authentic-reading book, get experts and professionals to help you.



Thanks for having me on our blog!


Thank you for writing for us, Georgia! 


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